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Capax Medical Supplied Primary Healthcare Imaging in Australia with Nautilus/ Epson for reliable Imaging and Disc Publishing Solution updating their older solutions.


South Jersy Healthcare selects Nautilus/ Epson for reliable imaging and disc publishing soulution.

"The Nautilus/Epson solution is more user friendly, faster and more reliable than our previous system and we are very pleased with it. "

Mary T. Fanning-Chalako
R.T. (R)(M), PACS Administrator
South Jersey Healthcare.

 Award-winning South Jersey Healthcare (SJH) is one of region’s leading providers of medical and healthcare services. The
nonprofit organization’s hospital facilities include the SJH Elmer Hospital and the SJH Regional Medical Center, with specialty
cancer and diagnostic centers. SJH also offers outpatient care for radiology, lab and physical therapy services, home care and
hospice services, and community-based health clinics.


Current image management system needed updating

South Jersey Healthcare offers the largest network of radiology services in the region and has performed over 230,000 radiological imaging procedures in a year including X-rays, MRI scans, CT scans, ultrasounds and other imaging services. With this high volume, SJH decided they needed a more cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-use digital imaging system to make patient images available to hospitals, doctors and patients in a timely manner.

Nautilus and Epson have solution

For the answer, SJH turned to Nautilus Medical, a leading provider of medical recording solutions in the radiology imaging market. On their recommendation, SJH installed Nautilus Medical’s AutoRay with Epson’s Discproducer disc publisher in all its radiology centers throughout SJH hospitals, health centers and regional offices. AutoRay, a CD/DVD production system, acquires images from a DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) scanner to display images on screen and then burns and prints personalized CDs/DVDs using Epson’s Discproducer.

Complete end-to-end solution

Each AutoRay system includes a simple graphical user interface, powerful personal computer, DICOM importer with graphic converter and an Epson Discproducer that can personalize each disc with the patient’s name, ID hospital’s name, date, time or other important data.

New system is easy and cost-effective

“The new Nautilus / Epson solution is more user friendly, faster and more reliable than our previous system,” said Mary T. Fanning- Chalako R.T. (R)(M), PACS Administrator at SJH. “The result is a complete and portable medical record that costs less to produce than those of comparable disc publishers. The solution helps expedite decisions that affect patient safety, as well as allows patients to take ownership of their own medical history. And improved access to medical imaging data can

lead to faster diagnosis and treatment, which saves lives,” said Fanning.